Stephen Einstein & Associates Vacates MRC Receivables Corporation Judgment; Unfreezes Bank Account and Dismisses $11,000 Case Against Our Client

Our client contacted us after his bank account was frozen because of a NY judgment entered against him in 2005 for $6,600. We quickly found that the judgment entered against him in Queens County Civil Court was held by MRC Receivables Corporation, a debt buyer, represented by Stephen Einstein & Associates. This judgment had ballooned to over $12,600 because NY State judgments gain interest at a rate of 9% annually. Our client was extremely concerned because he was a single father of 5 children and needed his account released quickly so he could pay bills for him and his family. We reassured him that we would get the account released right away and resolve the matter so this would never happen again. After being retained, our office immediately contacted Stephen Einstein and Associates, explained the funds in our client's bank account were exempt funds as they were mostly child support payments, and asked that the account be released immediately. With our clients help, we were also able to provide documentation to the attorneys at Stephen Einstein and Associates showing that our client resided in Florida before the action had been commenced in 2005 and was sued in the improper venue; therefore, we demanded that the NY judgment against our client be vacated and dismissed. MRC Receivables Corporation and Stephen Einstein & Associates agreed to do so, and our client's bank account was released and the judgment against him vacated and the case was dismissed in one week from the date that he retained our office. We are particularly happy to have helped this client get the judgment removed like it never existed, get his bank account unfrozen and get the entire case dismissed so that he did not have to pay anything on this $12,600 debt! Please contact us for a free consultation if you are having issues with either of these companies so that we can explain to you how we can settle your debt and potentially save you thousands. If you have an old judgment that you have been avoiding or your accounts are frozen or wages garnished, it is not too late and we can help.
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