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Private Student Loans from Wells Fargo

Defend Yourself After Wells Fargo Tries to Sue You

Colleges and universities are well-known for being extremely costly, even for basic or entry-level degrees. Most people looking to further their education are going to need to reach out to banks and financial institutions for some sort of monetary support. Wells Fargo is one such institution that offers private student loans regularly.

Students may request loans for help paying for:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Necessary supplies
  • Computers or laptops
  • On- or off-campus housing

Trouble can quickly arise, however, as interest racks up on loans and people fall into debt. At this point, they may beharassedunfairly by creditors for payment. If Wells Fargo is currently pursuing you for debt settlements, you should call our New York debt relief lawyers for assistance today at(888) 605-2705.

Forms of Harassment Regarding Student Loans

As a banking company founded in 1852, Wells Fargo has been in the industry for much longer than many other corporations. They know the ins and outs of seeking private student loan payments, including what is legal and what lies in questionable territory. If you suspect that they are using any of the following tactics against you, they may have no excuse and cannot feign ignorance:

  • Threats of violence or profanity
  • Publically posting your name
  • Repeat phone calls
  • Communications at odd hours
  • Represent your debt as a criminal violation
  • Alter the amount you owe
  • Misrepresent the legality of presented documents
  • Prematurely process a post-dated check

New York Debt Attorneys Protecting Your Consumer Rights

If you are feeling harassed or otherwise exploited by Wells Fargo after accepting a private student loan from them, you might be feeling like your rights have been ignored and forgotten. When you work with Lebedin Kofman LLP, we can do everything in our power to restore and uphold those same rights, ensuring that you are not mistreated by powerful financial institutions. Also importantly, when you fight back against potentially unfair treatment, you are also empowering everyone else in your same situation by letting corporate giants know that people just like you are willing to challenge their practices in court.

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