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Encore Capital Group

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Encore Capital Group, Inc. is a company that focuses on and specializes in purchasing the portfolios of defaulted consumers. They will buy debts at major discounts or face value from large banks, credit unions, corporate conglomerates, and others before using their own means to collect money owed. Although their headquarters are based out of San Diego, California, they are also represented by their subsidiary entities, Midland Credit Management (MCM) and Midland Funding, LLC to name only a few.

Encore Capital Group Might Be Abusing Your Rights

Encore Capital Group does not have the cleanest history when it comes to debt collection. In 2012, the company was accused of the fraudulent act of “robo-signing”, or using affidavits without verifying their validity. The case involved a multimillion dollar settlement and required the attention of the court of appeals.

The company also created its own “Consumer Bill of Rights” to outline their apparent commitment to fair business practices. This “bill of rights” has been criticized by some who find discrepancies between the code of conduct and the company’s observed behaviors.

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