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Private Student Loans

Private Student Loan Settlement Lawyers in New York

Are you being harassed by debt collectors or are you being sued because you have defaulted on your private student loan debt?

Private student loan debt is not backed by the federal government, once you default on your payments, the private lender will often send you to a collection agency and then can decide to potentially sue you and your co-signers for the balance of the loan, plus interest and attorney's fees.

Lebedin Kofman LLP Is at the Forefront of Private Student Loan Settlement & Lawsuit Defense

If you are being hounded by private student loan collectors at home and at work we can help! Our defense and settlement options for defaulted private student loans can save you thousands of dollars and get you out of default. Call us and we will show you how we can get you a settlement on the balance of your defaulted loan and place you on a payment plan. Though every case is different, we have achieved settlements between 30-80% off of the balance due for our clients and are often able to negotiate interest free payment plans.

If you or your co-signer has been served with a summons and complaint for your defaulted private student loans you must act quickly!

Private Student Loan Lawsuits

A majority of people being sued put their heads in the sand and don't respond to these lawsuits while many others are not properly served with process if at all. If you don't act, a default judgment may be entered against you. This means the creditor wins just because you did not respond. A default judgment is public record and can be placed on your credit report. In New York, the judgment can stay active for 20 years and can be renewed for another 20 years, all the while gaining interest at 9% per year. Default judgments may also lead to your wages being garnished; and your bank account can be frozen for up to double of what you owe on the debt. A lien may even be placed on your or your co-signor's property because of the judgment.

Lebedin Kofman LLP helps individuals being sued on their private student loans every day. We understand the stress and aggravation that come along with suddenly being sued.

If you are personally served with process, you have 20 days to respond before the Plaintiff can move for default. If you were not personally served, you have 30 days to respond. That means you must act quickly! Call us for a free consultation today!

We will defend you in the lawsuit and negotiate on your behalf to minimize any amounts you may end up owing. We have helped individuals being sued by Forster & Garbus, Rubin & Rothman, Mullooly Jeffrey, Rooney & Flynn, Zwicker and Associates, and many others who sue individuals on behalf of private student loans owned by Sallie Mae Student Loan Trust, National Collegiate Trust / NCT, Citibank, Chase, Discover, Wells Fargo, Key Bank, AES/ ACS, and many other lenders.

Please see our case results for results we have obtained for individuals in these cases.

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We usually charge flat retainer fees that do not charge by the hour; we offer extended payment plans; and we accept all major credit cards.

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