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Widely recognized as a New Jersey debt collection firm, Eichenbaum & Stylianou, LLC has collected numerous complaints for their dishonest business practices and consumer harassment. If you have a similar complaint against this company, you may have the grounds to file a lawsuit and Lebedin Kofman, LLP is here to help.

We refuse to put up with abusive debt collection firms and have been taking a stand against them for many years. Our legal tactics are unique, constantly adapting to fit the specific needs of our clients. The trustworthy representation you need from a New York debt defense lawyer can be found at our firm.

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Eichenbaum & Stylianou, LLC is not BBB accredited, which means that they have no intentions to resolve consumer complaints. Unfortunately, this is a telling reason why complaints against the company have continued piling up over the years.

Specifically, Eichenbaum & Stylianou, LLC has been accused of:

  • Entering default judgments without notifying consumers
  • Unlawfully restraining bank accounts
  • Illegitimately garnishing wages
  • Filing lawsuits for debts that do not exist

Although each of these things is banned by federal law, many consumers feel that they have no way of holding this intimidating corporation accountable. Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), you have specific rights which can enable you to take legal action. It is imperative that you seek our firm’s assistance immediately to put an end to this abuse before it gets worse.

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It can be intimidating to go up against a large company, particularly when you have never done so before. Fortunately, you are not alone in this process. We help our clients proactively achieve the outcomes they need and don’t settle for less than what we know they deserve.

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