Stephen Einstein Takes Over Mel S. Harris Cases

Since the recent Sykes decision, Mel S. Harris a former New York debt collection law firm folded and was bought or assumed by another very common New York debt collection law firm named Stephen Einstein and Associates. LR credit and Pinpoint Technologies were two of the most common debt buyer's that Mel S. Harris represented. We now see that Stephen Einstein is representing both almost exclusively. These debt buyers are known for suing consumers on debt that has frequently been bought for pennies on the dollar and has been transferred from one debt buyer to another. Most often, they are known for obtaining default judgments against consumers which leads to frozen bank accounts and wage garnishments.

After handling many of these cases we have seen consistent defenses that can be used to defend against LR Credit and Pinpoint Technologies cases. First and foremost, these companies are debt buyers and have a difficult time proving that their debt has been properly assigned or sold to their rightful owner. This burden is exacerbated by the fact that Stephen Einstein acquired most of these files from Mel Harris while that firm was liquidating. How much of the proof was actually transferred no one will actually know. Second, we have seen that a substitution of counsel informing the court and client that Stephen Einstein are the new debt collection law firm retained by these debt buyers is almost never sent. Thus, under the NYCPLR and the rules of evidence, Stephen Einstein should have a difficult time proving their burden on these cases.
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