Bank Account Unfrozen and Judgment Vacated for Discover Bank Forster & Garbus Debt

Our client retained us after her bank account was frozen for $6,000 one day. Like many New Yorkers, she woke up and now could not pay any of her bills and was left with no money to live because her account was frozen for a debt that she had completely forgotten about. She once had a credit card with Discover Bank and was in collections when she fell on hard times and couldn't pay her monthly bills. She did not know that Discover Bank had actually sued her for this debt in Kings County. Discover Bank was represented by Forster & Garbus who regularly represents many creditors for collecting and suing on defaulted accounts. This Firm has handled and handles cases with Forster & Garbus daily getting excellent results for consumers.

Because our client had no idea that she was sued, she did not know that a judgment was entered against her. Once a judgment is entered, it can stay on your credit report for up to 7 years, but it collects New York State judgment interest at 9% annually for up to 20 years. A default judgment can severely hurt your credit and leaves you at the mercy of the judgment creditor because if they find out where your bank accounts are, then they can freeze them for up to double of what you owe, or garnish your wages for up to 10% of your pre-tax wages.

Once this client hired us, we were able to quickly get her an excellent settlement, saving her 60% off of what she owed; getting her bank account unfrozen; and getting Forster & Garbus and Discover Bank to agree to vacate or remove the judgment against her like it never existed in the first place.

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