Midland Credit Management With Selip and Stylianou

Midland Credit Management, also frequently seen as Midland Funding, is one of the largest debt-buyer creditors in the country and an extremely frequent creditor when it comes to consumer debt collection matters. Midland Credit Management is frequently represented by Selip and Stylianou, a common debt collection law firm in New York and New New Jersey. Midland buys debt from original creditors like Citibank and JPMorgan Chase and then places them into collection. When collection is unsuccessful, Midland then places them with collection law firms like Selip and Stylianou in order to sue consumers.

Midland Credit Management lawsuits become default judgments commonly because of improper service. Default judgments are dangerous because they lead to bank levies for up to double the judgment amount as well as wage garnishment. Judgment interest accrues at 9% increasing the balance and judgments are enforceable for 20 years in New York. Aggressively defending against Midland Funding and Selip and Stylianou is important as it keeps the burden on Midland to prove that they are the rightful owners of the debt and provides leverage to settle the matter for a lesser balance without incurring further risk.

Filing an Order to Show Chase to vacate the default judgment is most important to prevent any of the judgment enforcement avenues from proceeding. Selip and Stylianou will engage in negotiation, in which we are able to achieve reductions of 50%-70% off of the balance on average.