Debt Collectors Can Now Message You on Social Media

Earlier in the year, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created new Debt Collection Rule that, essentially, allows debt collectors to message you via your social media accounts, and it went into effect on Tuesday. Millions of Americans could soon be receiving countless private messages from debt collectors, as there is no limit to how many messages they can send one person. However, a debt collector cannot send any messages that are viewable by friends or the public, meaning no public posts.

The new rule also allows collectors to text consumers. The new rule is “necessary”, according to the debt collection industry, due to the changes in communication since the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act went into effect in 1977. There has also been a limitation placed on the number of times a debt collector can call a consumer about a specific debt. Previously, there was no limit to how many times a day a consumer could be called, now, collectors are limited to 7 calls per week.

Though debt collectors can contact you by phone and through social media, once you hire an attorney, they cannot contact you further. We settle debt collection cases, debt lawsuits, and judgments daily as well as private student loans. Call us to discuss your options.

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