CACH LLC Wage Garnishment Judgment Stopped

Cach LLC is a debt-buyer who buys credit card debt from banks like Citibank for pennies on the dollar. They often retained the debt collection law firm of Daniels Norelli Scully and Cecere to sue consumers in order to collect on debts and to enforce judgments. More recently, Kirschenbaum and Phillips, a common debt collection law firm in New York acquired Daniels Norelli and has taken over the entire portfolio of Cach LLC matters to collect on. Cach usually attempts to collect first before they file a lawsuit but do not wait long before filing a summons and complaint as they are aggressive. Unfortunately, most judgments obtained are on default because of the notoriously poor service of process in New York. Most people we speak to have no idea that they were sued and have already had a judgment placed against them. Finally, CACH pursues judgment enforcement through Kirschenbaum and Phillips by levying consumer’s bank accounts, garnishing their wages and placing liens against their homes.

In a recent case, we moved to vacate a default judgment for over $41,000 against our client from some years back. The judgment had accrued a significant amount of additional fees because of the 9% judgment interest rate in New York as well as the 5% Marshal’s fee. The client received a wage garnishment notice that was set to begin in 20 days and was extremely concerned. The judgment against our client was vacated in civil court and the case was re-opened for us to defend. Kirschenbaum and Phillips must have become worried that they would not be able to prove their case as their client is a debt buyer and the debt was quite old. Ultimately, they contacted us to settle the matter out of court for just over $3,000 saving our client 93% off of the debt and preventing her from having to spend more money in legal fees!

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