Bank of America Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney and Flynn Wage Garnishment Removed

Bank of America is a common original creditor that pursues consumers through debt collection and litigation. BOA or FIA Card Services as they often appear on lawsuits retain the debt collection law firm of Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney and Flynn or Eltman Law in New York amnd New Jersey cases. In this case our client received a wage garnishment notice through his job stating that 10% of his wages were going to be garnished on a total debt amount of over $20,000. He had never been served because he had moved from New York to New Jersey before the lawsuit commenced.

Bank of America was able to obtain a default judgment against or client due to him not answering the initial lawsuit. 9% judgment interest has accrued for years lifting the total debt amount to just over $20,000. We contacted Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney and Flynn and notified them that we would be filing an order to show cause to vacate the default judgment against our client based on improper service. MJRF agreed pause any sort of potential wage garnishment and to vacate the judgment since they knew that the judgment would be vacated due to improper service and the case re-opened. Mullooly offered to settle the matter for 60% off the full balance to avoid further litigation although they could have pursued the client in New Jersey as well. It made sense to accept the offer in this situation because BOA is an original creditor who had much of the documentation to prove that this debt was owed to them unlike debt buyers whom often cannot prove their burden.

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