Pinpoint Technologies Judgment Vacated and Dismissed

Pinpoint Technologies is a well-known debt buyer whom frequently sues consumers and enforces on default judgments obtained in New York and New Jersey. In this case our client was sued in Albany by Pinpoint through their attorneys, Stephen Einstein & Associates back in 2004. They obtained a default judgment against him as they stated that he had been served but never answered the lawsuit. Our client could not have possibly answered the lawsuit at that time because he had moved to Florida in 2003. As judgments are enforceable for twenty years in New York, Pinpoint was able to find our client and freeze his bank account for over $15,000 nearly twelve years later. This was a major surprise as it was the first time he had ever even heard of this debt or the judgment.

The client now resides in Nevada but the bank he uses is a National Bank such as Chase or Bank of America and thus Pinpoint was able to levy the funds as those banks operate in New York as well as Nevada. We contacted Stephen Einstein’s office and demanded that the judgment against our client be vacated and the lawsuit dismissed or otherwise we would file an order to show cause to vacate the judgment and file a FDCPA action against Pinpoint Technologies as well as Stephen Einstein for using false and deceptive practices including suing our client in the wrong jurisdiction. Pinpoint and Stephen Einstein agreed to vacate the judgment against our client and dismiss the case in its entirety. We believe that they likely realized that it would not be worth spending the fees for litigation in this case as they would have to hire new counsel in Nevada to sue the client if the judgment was vacated in New York and of course run the risk of being sued by us.

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