There has been a surge in recent personal and business lending through newer and alternative institutions as compared to the standard banks out there. Companies like Upgrade, SOFI, Upstart, Bankers Healthcare Group, and others have become popular new lenders for consumers and businesses who may not qualify for traditional lending from the likes of American Express, Citibank or others. This in turn has led to an increase in collection activity and lawsuits from institutions like Bankers Health, also called BHG, and these other lenders. BHG seems to have expanded its lending from giving small businesses and professionals loans to more of a mainstream lending program aggressively marketing its services.

Bankers Healthcare Group is one of the more common creditors that we encounter when defending consumers and small businesses. Our experience shows that Bankers Health Group is aggressive when it comes to collection as they do not wait long to initiate litigation. They almost always use the Law Office of Christopher Cali to handle their collection and litigation matters. Default judgments are obtained frequently which is why it is extremely important to submit an answer within the allowed upon time period to avoid such a default. Answering keeps the burden on Bankers to prove their case throughout the litigation and keeps the leverage on the side of the defendant. In other words, BHG will have to provide proof that they are the rightful owner of the debt and that the amount is correct and appropriate based on records and evidence that they must submit.

Default judgments obtained by Bankers are dangerous and a motion to vacate the default should be filed as quickly as possible. Default judgments allow creditors like Bankers Health to levy bank accounts for double the amount of the judgment, garnish wages, and place liens on real property or other assets. A motion to vacate the default usually has a stay request as a part of it which asks the court to freeze any judgment enforcement activity by Bankers Health. Ultimately vacating the judgment re-opens the case and gives the defendant the ability to defend themselves on the merits and assert defenses.

Negotiating a settlement with Bankers Healthcare Group is always an alternative to furthering litigation. Bankers Health and the law office of Christopher Cali have always been interested in negotiating fair settlements in these matters that include reductions of the total amount as well as interest-free payment terms. A settlement is favorable in many situations as it eliminates the risk of losing as a part of litigation and stops further legal fees that would be necessary to proceed with the case toward trial.

Bankers Healthcare Group is a creditor that consumers and small businesses must carefully defend against in order to protect their assets and property and to ultimately come to a favorable resolution.