Rubin & Rothman LLC Debt Collection Lawsuits and Judgments

Rubin & Rothman is one of the largest debt collection law firms in both New York and New Jersey. They represent the widest array of creditors out of all the debt collection law firms that we commonly defend against. They represent original creditors such as Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase Bank, and Citibank. They represent private student loan lenders such as Navient and National Collegiate Student Loan Trust. They represent debt-buyer creditors such as Midland Funding and LVNV Funding and they even represent auto-repossession creditors such as Toyota Motor and Ford Motor frequently.

The phases of collection are always the same. They begin with pre-suit collection efforts by calling and contacting the debtor to try to arrange payment. A lawsuit is filed shortly thereafter if they are unsuccessful at the pre-suit collection phase. These lawsuits often result in default judgments against consumers and small businesses due to the notoriously poor service of the summons and complaint. In other words, if you don’t receive the lawsuit, you cannot answer and a default judgment is automatically entered against you. A judgment allows Rubin and Rothman to levy bank accounts and garnish wages while accruing judgment interest against the consumer.

Judgments obtained by Rubin and Rothman can be vacated by filing an order to show cause or motion to vacate judgment. Preventing judgments if a lawsuit is actually received by submitting an answer with defenses gives the consumer even more leverage and keeps the burden to prove their case on Rubin and Rothman. Answering lawsuits and moving to vacate default judgments are extremely important especially as leverage in potentially negotiating a reduced settlement amount. We have frequently been able to settle matters with Rubin & Rothman for anywhere between 40%-75% off of the balance with all of the creditors discussed above.