Lyons, Doughty and Veldhuis Lawsuits and Judgments

Lyons Doughty and Veldhuis is a common debt collection law firm in New Jersey. They represent a variety of creditors and debt-buyers such as Capital One Bank and TD Bank most often. These debts range from credit card matters to auto repossession cases.

When receiving a lawsuit the most important step is to submit an answer to avoid a default judgment. Lyons Doughty often obtain default judgments because consumers are either not served or don’t know how or when to respond. The judgment then allows these creditors to accrue judgment interest and pursue judgment enforcement activity by way of wage garnishment or bank levy.

If a default judgment is obtained by Lyons Doughty then it is crucial to file a motion to vacate the default as quickly as possible. A consumer has to show that they have an excuse for the default, and at least one meritorious defense. Once a judgment is vacated, the case is re-opened and an answer must be submitted. The burden to prove the case shifts back to the plaintiff giving the defendant leverage. Lyons Doughty & Veldhuis is usually willing to negotiate settlements in these matters most often when a judgment is vacated. We are frequently able to obtain reductions of 50% or more on Capital One and TD Bank matters with Lyons Doughty and Veldhuis.