Chase Bank Credit Card Lawsuits

JPMorgan Chase is one of the biggest and best well-known banks in the world. In the US there seems to be a Chase bank on every corner. Over the last decade, Chase was a bank that did not sue consumers in regard to credit card and loan defaults. They did send defaulted matters into collection but when it came down to filing lawsuits they almost always decided to sell their debt to third party debt buyers. Those debt buyers often found it difficult to properly prove that they were the rightful owners of the debt in court and also settled matters for far less than what an original creditor might settle for.

Surprisingly, we are now seeing Chase lawsuits against consumers for the first time in about a decade. In New York, Chase has been retaining Mullooly, Jeffrey, Rooney, and Flynn, a common debt collection law firm. Like all creditors, Chase sues in order to obtain judgments against consumers often on default due to improper service. These judgments then allow MJRF to levy consumer bank accounts and garnish wages. It is always critical to submit an answer with defenses to any lawsuit received from Chase. This also provides leverage in a potential negotiated settlement with Chase whom have always been willing to come to fair deals with consumers.

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