Stephen Einstein & Associates Is Now Tromberg, Morris and Poulin

Stephen Einstein and Associates has now become Tromberg Morris & Poulin. Tromberg Morris & Poulin is a major law firm in the collection of debt in New York and New Jersey taking over a large volume of cases from Stephen Einstein. They represent different sectors of the collection industry as they commonly represent Ally Financial and Credit Acceptance Corporation, an original creditor and debt-buyer respectively of auto-repossession debt. They also represent common credit card debt-buyers such as Crown Asset Management and Pinpoint Technologies.TMP will commonly sue consumers and small businesses in order to collect debt. Many of these lawsuits ultimately become default judgments due to improper service or because of address changes which are common in NYC. Those judgments can then lead to a bank levy, wage garnishment, and or property lien. Meanwhile, there is 9% statutory judgment interest accruing in NY. Answering lawsuits received from Tromberg is a must to protect against default judgments while keeping the burden on the plaintiff to prove their case. Likewise, moving to vacate a default judgment is critical to regaining the leverage in a matter as well as stopping a potential wage garnishment or removing a lien or levy. Once leverage can be established, it often makes sense to negotiate a lower settlement with Tromberg Morris and Poulin to save money and avoid further litigation.