How to Defend Against EZ-Pass Debt Collection and Lawsuits

EZ-Pass debt is one of the largest growing problems that we have seen in the metro area over the last few years. The MTA and Port Authority have significantly increased their collection efforts on behalf of New York City. A depleted EZ-Pass can quickly turn into a very large debt, potential lawsuit and judgment all in the matter of a few months. EZ-Pass debt is so dangerous because delinquent payments accrue penalties and interest on a consistent basis ultimately growing to outrageous amounts as compared to the original amount. We often see an original EZ-Pass bill of $1500 grow to $10,000 or more because of the penalties and interest that has accrued. EZ-Pass quickly sends delinquent debt to collection agencies like Transworld Systems whom aggressively pursue consumers for the debt along with additional collection fees that they add on.

If Transworld is unable to collect the debt then the case is usually passed on to the Law Office of Peter Merani to sue consumers and ultimately obtain a judgment against them. This judgment then allows them to garnish wages or levy a consumer’s bank account. The judgment also allows them to accrue an additional 9% judgment interest on the already inflated debt amount leading to a very scary scenario for consumers. Delinquent EZ-Pass debt can also lead to the suspension of a consumer’s driver’s license. In these cases, it is important to submit a request for an administrative hearing if available to preserve your driving privileges. It is equally important to defend yourself against collection efforts and especially a lawsuit so that a default judgment is not obtained. The good news is that we are frequently able to negotiate settlements in these matters which erases the thousands of dollars of penalties and interest accrued so that the small original EZ-Pass debt can be paid.