Erin Capital Management Judgment Vacated and Case Dismissed

Erin Capital Management is a common debt-buyer that sues consumers after acquiring debt from original creditors like Bank of America and Citibank. They commonly used Eltman Law, a debt collection law firm to sue consumers and to enforce on judgments obtained by means of wage garnishment and or bank levy. However, Eltman Law closed their practice a few months ago and we have seen many of these Erin Capital cases transferred to other debt collection law firms like Houslanger and Associates and Stephen Einstein and Associates.

In this matter, our client learned that Erin Capital Management had obtained a judgment against him and was attempting to garnish his wages. This was a strange scenario as our client had included this debt in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy that had been filed and had received a full discharge of all debt owed. Houslanger and Associates had taken over this particular account and stated that they were not given any information from Eltman about the previous bankruptcy. We have seen many similar mistakes made during the transfer of these files from Eltman to the new debt collection firms. Houslanger agreed to dismiss the matter with prejudice as soon as they realized that they had a serious liability based on attempting to enforce a judgment that had already been discharged in a bankruptcy which is a blatant violation of the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.

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