What Are The Differences Between Money And Other Judgements?

The only real difference between money judgements and other judgements is that the former applies to situations in which the plaintiff can actually enforce that judgement and obtain money from the defendant by means of wage garnishment, or placing a lien on their home. Perhaps a more important discussion is the reason for bad service in New York and why people aren’t being served.

The main problem that has caused an uptake has been going on for a very long time and it is a significant problem in New York City. It begins with the hiring of service agents by creditors and debt collection firms- especially the bigger firms like Foster & Garbus. The service agents are supposed to serve people in and around New York City and New York State. Once the consumer is served, the service agent is required to complete and attest to an affidavit of service that states exactly how the person was served. The problem is that there has been terrible service; we call it sewer service. Many of these service agents blatantly lie on the affidavits, do not serve properly or do not serve at all. They may just leave it in the entrance of a building, throw it into any hallway, or leave it on the wrong door. This is the main reason that people have default judgements against them. Both the New York attorney general’s office and the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs keep track of these service agents, and if they have too many violations against them they will eventually lose their license.

The other reason for default judgements is that people move around very frequently in New York City, which makes it difficult to maintain current addresses. The debt buyers and debt collection law firms do their due diligence to determine where the person lives but very often they have an old address, and so the person never receives notice.

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