Stephen Einstein & Associates Debt Collection Cases

There are a dozen or more debt collection law firms that exist in the New York area but we are starting to see Stephen Einstein and Associates emerging as one of the largest with a very high volume of high cases. Stephen Einstein acquired the former debt collection law firm of Mel S. Harris and Associates as well as their large case load of debtbuyer cases. This is the likely the result of the much larger practice. Stephen Einstein sues mostly consumers on credit card debt and debt buyer matters although we have seen them represent businesses in some business debt matters as well. They usually sue consumers and are often able to obtain default judgements either because the consumer was not served properly or because they just did not know what to do.

Since they win most of these cases on default without having to litigate the cases on the merits they are then able to move forward and try to enforce these judgments by levying consumer's bank accounts or finding their jobs to garnish their wages. This usually results in them adding on judgment interest as well as fees on top of the debt. We often see them represent debt buyer clients such as Pinpoint Technologies, Midland Funding, and even some surviving LR Credit cases that they acquired from Mel S. Harris. We are frequently able to vacate default judgments against consumers in these matters by filing an order to show cause in New York. Stephen Einstein will even agree to voluntarily vacate judgments most often when they see that we are retained on the case. They will also actively engage us in settlement conversations that usually end in very favorable settlements for our clients.