Bank of America / FIA & Unifund CCR Debt Matters

Generally, creditors and debt buyers will exclusively retain one or two debt collection law firms to either collect debt that is owed to them or to obtain and enforce a judgment. These debt collection law firms are usually different from regular law firms. There may be a few lawyers working there while there are a few dozen or more collection agents working there. Very often consumers who call these law firms are dealing with collectors who can make improper statements. It is tough to reach the lawyers because of the debt collector’s intent to have the collection employees do whatever they can to have the consumer agree to some sort of payment arrangement. It is unfortunate that it is so difficult for consumers to reach the attorneys as they can actually make it much easier to resolve these debt collection matters.

Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney and Flynn is a common New York and New Jersey debt collection law firm. Particularly, we see them representing Bank of America or FIA Card Services and Unifund CCR, a debt buyer in the business of collecting debt as well as suing and enforcing judgments against consumers. As Bank of America/FIA is an original creditor they are generally tougher to defend against in court then Unifund is because Unifund buys debt that is often been bought and sold at least a few times before it reaches them. Unifund generally has a difficult time proving legal standing as they cannot show chain-of-title or proper assignment. Mullooly, is generally one of the firms that will agree to vacate improper judgments that were entered against consumers. They are also almost always willing to settle any matter for a reasonable amount from our experience. However, no matter the creditor it is very important to aggressively defend against firms like Mullooly whether to win the case on the merits, vacate a judgment or settle as an aggressive defense provides leverage to obtain the lowest settlement possible which many cases saves the consumer the most amount of money.

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