Fein Such Kahn & Shephard Mortgage Judgment Settled

A consumer contacted our firm after receiving a letter from Fein Such Kahn and Shephard, a common New Jersey debt collection law firm stating that a NJ judgment had been entered against him by LCS Financial Services Corp. After contacting Fein Such, we learned that the judgment was due to a default on a second mortgage resulting in a balance of $134,913.39. Our client had serious medical hardship as he suffered a brain hemorrhage and was diagnosed with prostate cancer within a few years from each other. These health problems resulted in significant debt to accrue as he was not able to work or pay any other debts when receiving treatment. Medical debt is one of the top reasons people incur judgments against them and often are forced to file for bankruptcy.

Although it is very common that our clients accumulate debt after suffering a medical hardship, we do our best to help them get back on their feet without filing for bankruptcy. In this case, we were able to negotiate an interest-free settlement of $30,000 over 100 months cutting off over $100,000 of debt! This deal was also remarkable because of the long-term payment arrangement that we were able to obtain for our client. The client was extremely thankful for the significantly reduced settlement amount and reasonable payment arrangement as opposed to any potential garnishment of his wages or levy of his accounts.