Erin Capital Management Judgment Vacated

Erin Capital Management is a well-known debt buyer in the New York area commonly suing consumers on credit card debt matters that they have routinely bought from original creditors like Citibank and other debt buyers, often for pennies on the dollar. Erin Capital used to commonly retain the debt collection law firm of Eltman Eltman and Cooper now known as Eltman Law. However, we have now seen a shift as the collection law firm of Houslanger and Associates has been retained by Erin Capital as well. Erin Capital frequently obtains default judgments against consumers due to a lack of proper service.

Our client realized that there was a default judgment against her when she attempted to withdraw money from her account and noticed that her account was levied. We guided her on removing the exemption amount of $2,640 from her account and reviewed whether any of her other funds were exempt such as social security, workers compensation and unemployment funds. Consumers often do not realize that another exemption rule provides that 90% of a consumer’s income within the last 60 days deposited into a bank account is exempt as well. The combination of these exemptions allowed our client to withdraw most of her funds leaving Houslanger with little leverage. Houslanger’s office contacted us to arrange an out-of-court settlement, voluntarily agreeing to vacate the judgment against our client. The settlement reduced the total balance of the debt by over 72%.

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