Navient Private Student Loans

Recently we have received numerous inquiries asking about a new private student loan lender aggressively pursuing consumers for alleged debt that they owe. What we hear from these consumers is that Sallie Mae sold or transferred their loans to a company called Navient. Most of these people are surprised to learn that Navient and Sallie Mae are really one company. Navient seems to be Sallie Mae's attempt to spin off their name. How better to do that than form a new so called company with a new name. This is a marketing gimmick that happens often in the corporate world when a company needs to refresh their image or get rid of it entirely. Phillip Morris attempted to do so by forming a new company called Altria.

In reality these companies are one in the same, Navient is Sallie Mae and vice-versa. Navient frequently pursues consumers in the collection of private student loans. They regularly obtain default judgments against consumers in New York and New Jersey by retaining the services of debt collection law firms like Rubin and Rothman and Forster & Garbus. When clients are actually served we have been able to defend these actions by submitting an answer with affirmative defenses. That keeps the burden on Navient to prove their case. In default judgment cases we are usually able to have the judgments vacated either through negotiation with the opposing law firm or by filing a motion to vacate with the court. More importantly, we have been able to obtain substantial reductions in out of court settlements for clients. Navient very frequently reduces the amount allegedly owed by anywhere between 50%-80% off of the entire amount. Next time you see the name Navient, don't be fooled by who they really are.

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