Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Levy Lawsuit Defense

Our client was sued by the Law Offices of Kirschenbaum, Phillips, & Levy, PC for a $6,977 Discover defaulted credit card account in Nassau County. Our client had been out of work for approximately five years as of 2010. As a union laborer, he was not permanently employed and the temporary work that was available to him could not cover all of his living expenses. Additionally, his occasional employment was the sole source of income for his household, further straining his financial stability and resulting in his defaulted Discover account.

As one of the most recognized credit brands in the United States, Discover is a direct banking and payment services company. The company operates the Discover card and offers home loans, private student loans, personal loans, online savings accounts, and certificates of deposit and money market accounts through its direct banking business. Discover aggressively pursues unpaid bills and will often send the balances to collection agencies. However, Discover does offer some hardship services and will negotiate settlements under certain circumstances. Kirschenbaum, Phillips, & Levy, PC is a debt collection and creditors’ rights law firm operating in Maryland, New York and Ohio. Their clients include consumer and commercial credit grantors, insurance companies, local businesses, medical providers, landlords, and other businesses or non-profit companies.

At the point our firm was retained, we quickly submitted an answer and were able to protect the client against a default judgment and eventually settle our client’s debt saving over 60% off of the full amount paid over a 12 month no interest period.

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