Arrowood Indemnity Private Student Loan

Our client was sued by the law office Stawiarski & Associates, PC on a private student loan in that was allegedly in default. They did so on behalf of their client Arrowood Indemnity Co, a common guarantor/insurer of private student loans for Citibank and other private student loan lenders. Our client’s student loan debt was bought and sold multiple time and was transferred from collection agency to collection agency for several years. The original debt owed by our client amounted to $17,706 and had resulted from two loans that were in collections at the time of our retention.

Arrowood Indemnity Co., specializes in claims administration and auditing, investment management, litigation management, business repositioning, and run-off operations to clients throughout the United States. Additionally, they are a common purchaser and guarantor of student loan debt and pursue many private student loan lawsuits against consumers across the country. Likewise, Citibank also commonly deals with student loan debt. The global bank participates in standard banking transactions as well as insurance, credit cards, and investment products.

After tracking the debt’s lengthy journey through the numerous collections agencies, our firm was able to negotiate a settlement of the debt for $6,000 with most of the payments to be paid on a long term no-interest payment plan. This settlement saved our client $11,706.

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