Cohen & Slamowitz is Now Selip & Stylianou LLP

Cohen & Slamowitz, one of the major New York debt collection law firms has changed their name to Selip & Stylianou. Cohen and Slamowitz were notoriously known for their aggressive debt collection pursuit against consumers. They were one of the firms that excelled at obtaining default judgments against consumers because of faulty service. They represented a wide array of both debt buyer clients as well as original creditors. Recently C & S were battered by many FDCPA cases against them for alleged violations of the federal consumer laws which may have led to the name and ownership change.

Our experience with Cohen and Slamowitz was one in which we successfully defended dozens of clients against credit card collection lawsuits. We were able to vacate numerous default judgments obtained through sewer service and substantially reduce our client's debt amounts. The name may be different but our guess is that Selip & Stylianou will continue the same aggressive behavior in pursuing collection cases against consumers that Cohen & Slamowitz did. It is extremely important to contact a debt defense attorney if a summons and complaint is received from Selip & Stylianou.
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