Citibank Line of Credit Case Resolved

Our client was served with a summons and complaint by Forster & Garbus on behalf of Citibank, the alleged original lender of a line of credit to our client. Forster & Garbus alleged that our client owed approximately $121,000 to Citibank. We immediately submitted our answer with affirmative defense to protect our client from a default judgment. We submitted discovery requests and learned that this alleged debt was second or third in line behind a first mortgage. Because Citibank is an original creditor most of our assignment defenses would not apply in this case which made the case more difficult.

After numerous negotiation discussions with the attorneys at Forster and Garbus, we were able to reach an out of court settlement which saved our client over $60,000 and to set her up on a tiered payment plan over 8 years which would make the payments affordable for the client. This would also prevent a judgment against the client, and any garnishment activity.
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