Crown Asset Management Case Dismissed

Our client contacted us regarding a Crown Asset Management lawsuit against him for about $10,000. Crown Asset is what we call a low level debt buyer as they usually buy debt once it has been bought and sold a few times over. The client is a resident of California but was served to his brother's address in New York and was concerned that Mel. S. Harris, the collection law firm representing Crown Asset would obtain a default judgment against him as they are notoriously known for doing.

We submitted an answer with the necessary affirmative defenses to protect our client and immediately requested all the assignment documents to prove chain-of-title. Mel S. Harris provided a chain that included the transfer and assignment of the debt to five different debt buyers. We also pointed to the fact that our client was in California and that they were suing him in the wrong venue which could be actionable under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act against them. We immediately told Mel. S Harris that we would pursue dismissing the action against our client which led them to voluntarily agree to dismissing the action against our client completely.

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