'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort faces lien on two California beachfront mansions

The United States and LR Credit, LLC, a debt collection agency, have made numerous attempts to collect money from Jordan Belfort, who is famously known as the "Wolf of Wall Street." Actions taken by LR Credit, LLC, a firm whom we regularly litigate against, include obtaining a judgment against Belfort for $27,597 for unpaid retail purchases he made during the 1990's. To avoid that judgment, Belfort retreated to both Manhattan Beach, California and Australia for part of the year. In response, LR Credit has quickly moved to file motions that will give their judgment the power of enforceability in California. However, it appears that LR Credit will have to wait in line given Belfort's track record and the long list of creditors that he has dodged thus far. The creditor with the most available resource and power is perhaps the federal government who are tracking every movement that Belfort has made with regards to his finances and his travels abroad.

A ‎Public Affairs Officer for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York accused Belfort of making false claims in an attempt to avoid paying restitution. These claims include his reason for his visits and prolonged stays in Australia. The U.S. government wants Belfort to pay 50% of his income from his new endeavors, including book and film royalties and fees as a motivational speaker. On the contrary, Belfort's lawyer, Nicholas De Feis, contends that his client is no longer obligated to comply with the court-ordered payment plan because his supervised release period has concluded. His lawyer asserts that Belfort has made the all obligated payments that he was required to make, and his earned additional income should not be used towards paying restitution. De Feis adamantly asserts that Belfort has never run from his obligations.

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