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As we have mentioned in many of these blog posts, National Collegiate Student Loan Trust or (NCSLT), is one of the largest and most common private student loan creditors. They aggressively sue ...

Malen & Associates Bank Levy Lifted

Recently we have been receiving numerous calls from consumers stating that collection law firms or agencies are telling them to simply sign a “conditional release” with their bank to ...
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Mel S. Harris Case Dismissed

Our client contacted us in a panic after she discovered that her bank account was frozen with over $15,000 in it. After a quick investigation, we were able to establish that the collection law firm of ...
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Find Out About Frozen Bank Accounts and Levied Funds

If you are suffering the extreme consequences of a frozen bank account or levied funds, it is important that you get accurate facts about what you can do to resolve the situation – fast. At ...
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