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As a consumer, you may have reached the point where you require assistance from a professional debt relief attorney. New Yorkers have notably high levels of debt, most commonly in the forms of credit cards, student loans, and mortgages. Many face legal action over "zombie debt," debts which you thought were already paid or settled. If you are facing the challenge of dealing with overwhelming amounts of debt, it is important to secure attentive legal representation to help you approach your case with confidence and find the most beneficial form of debt relief for you. At Lebedin Kofman LLP, we serve our clients with dedication, and pursue the best possible outcome no matter the circumstances.

Our firm provides debt relief for clients throughout all of New York State.

Do not wait any longer to solve your debt issues. No matter what type of debt you, your family, or your business face, you can take charge and obtain financial freedom. Debt defense falls under the category of consumer law, which aims to protect people who have an insurmountable amount of debt. Strong defense is required against unfair debt collection practices, and we can be your source of protection and financial relief. People who are experiencing consumer debt issues can obtain legal assistance from our firm right away. Our New York City attorneys represent clients in need of debt collection defense and settlement. During each case, our primary objective is to provide our clients with an opportunity to gain a fresh financial start.

Protection from Abusive Creditor Actions

Our firm assesses and pursues a client's goals in order to help him or her obtain debt relief and defend against debt collection abuse. Our legal team does what it takes to resolve financial problems in as cost-efficient and friendly a manner as possible. If the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) has been violated, however, we will not be afraid to take action on our client's behalf. If necessary, we also offer aggressive lawsuit defense. Our debt relief lawyers are eager to obtain excellent results for each client. As entrepreneurs in our own field, we are familiar with the initial stages of beginning a business and the difficult challenges that must be overcome. We understand the risks involved in any business enterprise and how they can contribute to financial difficulties. Our team can evaluate your situation and provide the guidance you need to get out of debt.

At Lebedin Kofman LLP, we also focus on student loans and debt settlement. Not many firms are eager to pursue results for clients with overwhelming student loans because it can be complicated and difficult. Unlike those firms, however, we are eager to take on this challenge for our clients. We are customer-service driven and can comprehend the situation on a personal level. We draw from every aspect of our experience to better serve our clients. Our attorneys are members of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) and the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).

Even before becoming lawyers, both attorneys from our firm gained legal experience as interns assisting consumers through debt relief. Another notable accomplishment of one of our attorneys is that he had a consumer debt article published in a local Brooklyn newspaper. Using our education and associations within the legal community, we know how to work to turn around every client's case and seek to end creditor harassment and unfair collection actions.

Zombie Debt Attorneys in New York

If you are pursuing debt relief from your creditors, we offer a free case evaluation to equip you with the necessary information about how you should proceed. During this assessment, you will meet with an attorney rather than just an assistant or paralegal. Our goal in this evaluation is to to determine the most appropriate route to achieve your goals in the case. During the consultation, we can discuss whether you should pursue bankruptcy and whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing will be most suitable type for your circumstances. Our legal team's background and knowledge can be used to carefully assess each aspect of your case. Additionally, from the evaluation to the conclusion of the case, you will always be able to reach an attorney, all day, every day. You can also contact your attorney at our firm after 5:00 p.m. and on the weekends.

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It is very likely that you may even be facing garnished wages and frozen bank accounts that prevent you from effectively providing for yourself and family. We can help you get back onto a solid footing by seeking to quickly resolve your debt issues in a practical and cost-efficient manner. Whether through litigation or settlement, we can prescribe a solution to the issue at hand. As part of our commitment to excellent customer service, we charge flat-rate fees in most situations. We can be the helping hands you need to obtain debt relief. Contact our firm today to schedule your free case evaluation!

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