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Unlike many of the various debt buyers that we defend consumers against such as Midland Funding or LVNV Funding, it can be more difficult to defend against original creditors like Discover Bank. We ...

Five New York Judgments Vacated and Dismissed for Client

We were retained by a client living in Arizona who had 5 NY judgments on his credit report and was distraught by the effect these judgments were having on his credit score and ability to obtain ...
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Selip & Stylianou Judgment's Vacated And Dismissed

Selip & Stylianou, the collection law firm formerly known as Cohen & Slamowitz obtained two default judgments against our client in 2008 and 2009 respectively. The first creditor was Metro ...
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Selip & Stylianou Judgment Vacated

Our client, a banker contacted us because she was alarmed to find out that there was a default judgment dating from 2004 against her. As a banker, any defaulted debt and especially a judgment can have ...
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Selip & Stylianou Case Settled

Empire Portfolios, Inc., a low level debt buyer was pursuing our client for an alleged judgment that was obtained in 2005 on default. The debt was originally an account with Providian Financial Corp., ...
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Cohen & Slamowitz is Now Selip & Stylianou LLP

Cohen & Slamowitz, one of the major New York debt collection law firms has changed their name to Selip & Stylianou. Cohen and Slamowitz were notoriously known for their aggressive debt ...
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