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Rubin and Rothman is a major debt collection law firm in both the New York and New Jersey areas. They handle a wide array of consumer debt collection ranging from credit cards to private student ...

PRIVATE STUDENT LOAN DEFAULT Many consumers experience trouble when trying to pay off their private student loans and unsure of their ...

Kirschenbaum, Phillips & Levy Lawsuit Defense

Our client was sued by the Law Offices of Kirschenbaum, Phillips, & Levy, PC for a $6,977 Discover defaulted credit card account in Nassau County. Our client had been out of work for approximately ...
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LR Credit/Mel S. Harris Case Dismissed

Our client contacted us after he learned that his bank account was frozen in the state of Texas where he resides. We were able to quickly establish that the collection law firm of Mel S. Harris had ...
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North American Capital Corp. Judgment Vacated

Our client received a wage garnishment notice from Marshal Ronald Moses regarding an alleged debt from the 1990’s. North American Capital Corp. a debt buyer sued our client in the year 2000 ...
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Private Student Loan Lenders May Be to Blame for Default

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has released a report concluding that people with private student loans are driven into default because of their lenders' failure to provide ...
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Know Six Things that Creditors Can and May Do if a Default Occurs

Creditors can stop doing business with you. Creditors can report your debt to a credit reporting agency, but the agency has a legal duty to report your debt accurately. Debt collectors also have a ...
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How to Vacate a Default Judgment

What is a judgment? A default judgment is a final decision that is made and issued by a court in a case. If the judgment is made against you, it will state how much money you owe to the plaintiff or ...
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