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Blog Posts in February, 2015

Client's Student Loans Reduced by Over $150K

Like many people these days, our client was overwhelmed with her student loans after graduating from school. She filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy under the false impression that her loans would be ...
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North American Capital Corp. Judgment Vacated

Our client received a wage garnishment notice from Marshal Ronald Moses regarding an alleged debt from the 1990’s. North American Capital Corp. a debt buyer sued our client in the year 2000 ...
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Sunrise Credit Services Auto Repossession Case

Our client co-signed on a car note for her then boyfriend. He later defaulted on the payments, the car was then repossessed and sold at auction. Then, Sunrise Credit Services, Inc. (a collection ...
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Crown Asset Management Case Dismissed

Our client contacted us regarding a Crown Asset Management lawsuit against him for about $10,000. Crown Asset is what we call a low level debt buyer as they usually buy debt once it has been bought ...
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Student Loan Lawsuit Successfully Defended

We often defend clients who are being sued by private student loan lenders. The cases are very similar and almost identical to credit card lawsuits. In this case, our client was sued by Arrowood ...
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Forster & Garbus Lawsuit Resolved

Our client was sued by Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc., a debt buyer for an alleged debt stemming from a GE Money Bank financing account. Forster & Garbus, the attorneys for Plaintiff served ...
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